The Scarrabelotti story.

Our family has worked together for over 5 generations to build a unique method of sourcing, producing and processing veal to bring our customers the most tender, naturally bred, naturally fed veal.

Our family history and traditions.


The Veneto region of Italy is renowned for producing some of Europe's finest produce. The region has a rich history of farming families who operate some of the country's most fertile ground. This tradition has been carried through to how our family produces and sources Veneto Veal today.





The Scarrabelotti family settled in the Northern Rivers region of NSW in 1880, bringing with them the natural, pasture raised and fed technique of producing veal from their home region of Veneto, Italy. Michael Scarrabelotti and his wife-to-be Zelinda Melare's journey to Australia began when they travelled from Italy to Barcelona, Spain to join French nobleman Marquis de Ray’s ill-fated voyage to find a new home in the South Pacific. The journey was fraught with danger; resulting in 124 of the 340 immigrants who embarked on the journey losing their lives.  The couple, along with the other surviving Italian immigrants, eventually abandoned De Ray’s voyage and made safe travel to Australia on Sir Henry Parkes chartered ship “The James Patterson”.  After arriving in Sydney, the couple made their way north to the Northern Rivers region of NSW, eventually making a home in the La Cea Venezia area, now called "New Italy".


The Veneto region is an important agricultural area of Europe. The area is renowned for producing some of Italy's finest wines, whole grains and pasture raised proteins, supplying the rest of the country with their world-renowned produce for centuries. It was important to Michael and Zelinda that the veal products they produced in Australia reflected the natural, wholesome methods that the family used to produce and source veal from the sustainable farming communities of Veneto.


Today, the Scarrabelotti family has used this method of livestock producing and sourcing to become the largest landholder and cattle producer in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. The family has built a substantial portfolio of rural properties and processing infrastructure in NSW and QLD over several generations since Michael and Zelinda's arrival. The family still maintains farming techniques that the Scarrabelotti family has used since 1880 to produce Australia’s finest naturally bred, naturally fed veal.