100% Australian. No added hormones.

We take pride in producing veal that is sourced from 100% Australian livestock, processed solely in Australia using the methods and traditions our family established in 1880.



- All our veal is naturally bred & naturally fed, raised in their natural environment 

- No added hormones

- Tender 

- Full Flavoured

- 28 Day Shelf-Life 

- Non-controlled, non-artificial local farming practices

- Family owned and operated for over five generations 


Veneto Veal Meatball, Bean and Pasta Soup  



Veneto Veal Braciole with Risoni  



All the way from Veneto, Italy.

The Veneto region of Italy is renowned for producing some of Europe's finest produce. The region has a rich history of farming families who operate on some of the country's most fertile ground. This tradition has been carried through to how our family produces and sources Veneto Veal in Australia.